COVID-19 Service Update

Please Note: Effective this week and until further notice, the Greenhearts delivery team will provide contactless CSA box delivery. We will ring the bell and/or call if possible.
Dear Greenhearts Family - New and Long-Standing,

We are honored that you have entrusted us with the responsibility of feeding your family. At Greenhearts Family Farm, the health and safety of our customer community has been and will continue to be our top priority. We have always followed recommended food and safety guidelines, taking the utmost care when handling and packing the food we deliver to your door. Today, we take this practice further, doing our part to safeguard your family by following the San Francisco County Food Safety Program COVID-19: Recommendations for Food Facilities.

Doing Our Part

* As always, Greenhearts employees will thoroughly wash their hands before starting work or handling food.
* Greenhearts packing team members will continue to wear disposable gloves and hair nets. Face masks are available.
* CSA box items will be minimally handled. Items will be transferred from transport containers directly into the CSA box. Once folded shut after last item is packed, boxes will not be reopened.
* Packing surfaces will be disinfected regularly.
* The cargo area of delivery vehicles will be disinfected prior to loading.
* Your CSA share will be delivered in a single use cardboard box. Drivers will not be collecting or disposing of CSA boxes.
* The Greenhearts delivery team will provide contact-less CSA box delivery.
* Delivery team members will now wear disposable gloves.
* To protect employees and customers, Greenhearts Family Farm employees who are feeling unwell will stay home.

Please Do Your Part. Out of an abundance of caution these are our recommendations.

* Please be available to receive any notification regarding the timing of your delivery.
* Retrieve your CSA box after our delivery team has departed.
* Unpack CSA items from the delivery box prior to bringing items into your home.
* Prior to storage, follow USDA safety tips and clean all items in your CSA box, including eggs.
* Consider transferring your eggs to a clean container.
* Please dispose of any CSA delivery boxes you possess.

Greenhearts Family Farm supports the multi-county shelter-in-place order. Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve.

With gratitude,

Farmer Paul, Aurora, Lenora Sol, and the Greenhearts Team

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