Eco Positive

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Thoughtful Farmers Working Toward Sustainability

Our favorite farmers are the pioneers in organics and sustainability, the ones who create the most stable workplace, the masters of natural farming. The ones committed to growing food in a better way.

Your support goes directly to modernizing us and our partner farmers – enabling us to make sustainable choices – like the costly switch to renewables and the more labor intensive raising of livestock naturally.

Pasture Raised Means Grown on Grass Outdoors – the Healthy Way

Naturally raised poultry and eggs are an eco-positive choice. Eggs are close to the perfect food. In fact, you can survive quite well on nothing more than an omelet and a glass of lemonade! Pasture raised eggs are special. Happy, free ranging chickens spend sunny days outdoors eating green grass, taking dust baths and foraging for their favorite things to nibble. They eat premium organic food and drink mineral rich well water. And they produce the world’s best eggs.

Hens that eat a diet rich in short chain omega fatty acids, like flax seed, produce an egg full of long chain omega fatty acids – the same essential omega fatty acids found in salmon or fish oil pills, which are vital to human health. We all know the world’s fisheries are in danger. Pasture raised eggs are an ecologically responsible alternative for you to get those very same nutrients, and the taste is incomparable to factory chicken eggs.

Crack a pasture raised egg. First thing you’ll notice is the strong shell – a sign that the hens are fed a calcium rich diet. Then the color of the yolk will stand out. It reflects a natural, seasonal diet. Pastured hens have been eating lots of natural grass containing essential vitamins and minerals. Fresh pasture raised eggs have firm whites that are a cook’s preference for omelets, cakes and meringues… or Saturday’s waffles and pancakes!

Arranged randomly in blue, greenish blue, white and light to dark brown, pasture raised chicken eggs make eating a special occasion. Kids go crazy for them, but don’t worry, adults love ‘em, too!