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Local Farms, Home Delivery, Personal Service

2012-10-04 19.28.58editThe Greenhearts Family Farm CSA is San Francisco’s only farmer owned local farm providing a “fruit and veggie box” home delivery service. Each week we offer our neighbors a share of the harvest from our Half Moon Bay farms and the fields and kitchens of some of the Bay Area’s most accomplished farmers and producers. It’s like getting the best of the farmer’s market delivered right to your door. You decide how often you want a delivery. Plus, you can try out a box and see if it’s for you before committing to a seasonal share.

The farm box you receive will consist of only what is available locally from trusted sources. Our minimized food shed is unparalleled, our partner farms grow an incredible diversity of healthy food and show an inspiring commitment to sustainable agriculture and we promise to use your contribution to sustain our farm.

Owners Aurora and Paul personally answer every phone call and email, choose what’s in the box, pack your share and make deliveries, not to mention work in the fields growing beautiful produce. You simply cannot find a more personal way to eat – truly from our field to your table.

The perfect wedding gift, a way to teach children the value of food or simply the easiest way to get the best and freshest food, a Greenhearts CSA box is unique, educational and delicious.

Delivered straight to your door, there is no easier way to eat fresh produce from local farms than Greenhearts Family Farm. Never boring, full of old favorites and new inspirations, Greenhearts Family Farm veggie boxes will please picky kids and choosy chefs alike!

What’s in a Greenhearts CSA box?

Greenhearts CSA boxes contain environmentally and seasonally conscientious fruits and vegetables with eggs, chicken, beef, lamb, bread, honey, kombucha and flowers added according to customer choice and availability. Produce is sourced from local farms. We only support farmers, distributors and organizations we know and trust! Poultry, eggs, beef, pork and lamb are pasture based, never from cages or feedlots.

How much does a CSA box cost?

A weekly box is $39, however there are great deals for customers who pre-purchase seasonal packages.

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Where do you deliver?

Greenhearts Family Farm fresh veggie boxes are delivered right to homes throughout the Bay Area, including:

San Francisco
El Cerrito
Silicon Valley

Call us to find out if we serve your neighborhood!

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